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  1. Advice
    Hello everyone. Like many others, my account was unexpectedly placed on hold on the 7th or December pending the annual renewal of my background check. I have been driving for over 6 years and this is the first time that I have been taken offline for this reason. Anyway, last week, on the 23rd...
  2. Advice
    I'm based in Melbourne and have been trying to sign up for Uber Eats bicycle delivery, but my profile has been stuck on onboarding for the past 6 weeks. The Driver app says "We'll let you know when you can take trips". I've looked at the list of documents/checks and all are showing as active...
  3. Boston
    Hello guys! I make my UBER driver account, I sent all my documents (registration, driver license and insurance) and everything has been approved, but my account stay on holding, I don’t know why. So, have everything else I can do to pass to the next step? Any tips? I am waiting have a lot of...
  4. Sydney
    I've had all of my documents approved and all say active, now my account says "onboarding" - does anyone know how long this takes to switch over to active?
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    how long does the on boarding process take. Submitted everything on Saturday 2nd business day :/ I’m an impatient person it’s like being stuck in limbo in no mans-land... Just curious about everyone’s experience If anyone has just gone through it
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    I'm trying to sign up to be an UberEats cyclist. I went to the Toronto greenlight hub last Tuesday to show my photo ID and prove I'm able to work in Canada. I still haven't heard back. I can't access the Uber Driver App and my status on the vault website continues to say "Onboarding." The...
  7. Advice
    If you're having issues with the sign up process feel free to message me and I can try to assist you.
  8. Advice
    hi its been 2 weeks and my profile says onboarding. i live in long island ny. i questioned them and they said i need commercial insurance. before i tried uber eats in the same location and it all cleared the. when i opened the app it said your vehicle is not allowed in this area. why is uber...
  9. New Jersey
    Does anybody know if it is possible to receive a pool ping without ever having done onboarding? What I mean is, let's say you plan to NOT do pool rides so you skip the onboarding, right now is it possible that you will get a pool ping? I don't mean will Uber eventually make pool rides a...
  10. Houston
    Well, so finally finished this process after several attempted rounds to coordinate with MV and besides liking the driver rates w WHOLE LOT, I'm grasping for other things to feel similar about. Who's got some Getme experience to share please??
1-10 of 10 Results