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  1. Technology
    I'm building an on-demand platform, called Zipible, that allows you to create your own on-demand business for anything. I'm looking for feedback from the Uber People community, as I've been reading your comments about other on-demand companies and I've tried to solve some of those issues within...
  2. Quit
    Seriously, the jerk who came up with "Let's have them use their own car, pay their own expenses, all with a smile like they're earning a net profit." I can see teenagers doing this, mom and dad foot the gas bill and maintenance bill. But not a grown adult with bills and car note and other...
  3. Seattle
    More cracks are showing in the on-demand startups. Nearly all of the on-demand startups, including Uber/lyft, use (and abuse) the workforce model of independent contractors often promoting the flexibility and autonomy of this arrangement as the wave of the future. A recent Business Insider...
  4. Flex
1-4 of 4 Results