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  1. Sydney
    Yesterday I picked up 3 tall boys in the evening who had finished their game and were heading back home, a 5 min drive. They looked 18 or 19 so I gave them the ride but I was wondering what if they were 17. How do you determine if a pax in late teen with adult height is a minor? A lot of kids...
  2. Brisbane
    Another booking not showing in the account, from the Fox Hotel to Nondah on the Saturday before last week. I can't remember how many times they messed up with the booking counts, and this time the customer service haven't responded for this issue at all, and even tried to close it once...
  3. Melbourne
    I've only been able to complete a quarter of the rides that I've received through Ola. Half of them I can't accept, half of the remainder either cancel as soon as I accept (within a second), or cancel within a minute. A DiDi passenger told me his friend couldn't get an Ola because it kept...
  4. Sydney
    It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet nowadays, with the litany of rideshare options available. I understand that a lot of drivers are signed up to 2 or 3 rideshare providers. But logistically speaking, the drivers of ola and taxify and the like should realise that they are not only...
  5. Melbourne
    In Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, if you had completed your application on or before 15 Feb, your introductory commission rate will be 7.5% for 90 days from the date of commencement. A standard commission rate of 15% will then apply after the offer period. (It's worth checking as it's possible...
  6. Sydney
    Hi, I’m just wondering if the OLA driver app not working today, I’ve been driving in city since morning and not even one request, What happen to ola !!!
  7. Melbourne
    Anyone has any luck with changing their car with Ola? Called them to only find out that their system is currently unable to do so? Which tech company builds a system overlooking this kind of important feature!!! Do you think it is deliberate for some reason? Or their system capacity issues?
  8. Sydney
    Who is better? For similiar trip Ola paid me more than 25% compare to uber. What's yr experience!!!!
  9. Sydney
    From 19:00 today to 21:30 I drove Ola finally and made $97.80 ($68.45 from Uber and $52.12 from Taxify before). Ola is an experience, throw away the rule book and just drive boys and girls. The maps don't match at all, or you have no maps at all, you are completely dependant on the...
  10. Melbourne
    BBC reports Ola intending to start up in Sydney and Melbourne. Anybody know anything about Ola?
  11. Australia
    This is interesting news thats for sure and possibly could shake things up against Uber in Australia. Uber has some competition here but hardly worth mentioning. Or is this Uber part 2 for crappy earnings? See article link below: Indian ride-hail player Ola is taking its fight against Uber...
1-11 of 11 Results