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oil change
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  1. Detroit
    What have you found to be the best way to maintain your car? Are you doing most of the service yourself? Or are you going to some of the local mechanics?And what are the big maintenance areas? I'm thinking about starting a business that specializes in Uber/Lyft maintenance and cleaning - but...
  2. New York City
    In my opinion AVOID leasing Mercedes METRIS at all costs. Reason number one. Through Via you will pay $450 a week. If you were driving in the five boroughs you will find it necessary to change the brake pads every seven months. It takes 10 quarts of special oil, So your oil change will be...
  3. Vehicles
    Alright, I put together some Pics for you to enjoy. My Car is not the easiest Vehicle to work on, and when it comes to a simple Oil Change, I figured I'd give it a try. I used to be a Mechanic back in the Days (80's) but I always had my Independent Mechanic down the Street do my Oil Changes. He...
  4. Baltimore
    It seems like a topic no one talks about on here. The roads in bmore are awful. Since I've started uber like 8 months ago. On average oil change once a month, brakes twice, 80% of my front end replaced tie rod ends, control arm, stabilizer bars, spark plugs, ignition coils, cleaned throttle...
  5. Las Vegas
    Jiffy lube no longer accepting Uber Rewards. Why is it when you try to explain something to uber they act like they don't understand you.
  6. Miami
    The owner of the Inn "N" Out Mobil oil change will offer Uber drivers $5 off their oil change. With the $5 off it cost me $35.99 for a 5W20 oil change. I don't know the cost of synthetic oil. It's not a lot, but everything helps since we have to change the oil so often compared to the...
  7. London
    Hi guys, I just bought a really good product for my car after I had to change my oil pan for £300 after hitting a speed bump with 30 MPH. I couldn`t work for a couple of days, it was a pain in the ass. Maybe some of you could use it as well. Just Google sump guard for Toyota Prius
  8. Montgomery County
    READ BELOW TO SEE HOW YOU CAN GET THIS DEAL FOR $17.74 As always, I was checking how I can save money on vehicle maintenance (or anything else for that matter ! :) ) and came across this deal on GROUPON. Its through a company called Precision Tune Auto Care and they have 8 locations in MD...
  9. Advice
    Attention all Tampa Bay Uber drivers!!!! Save Money on all Tires and Oil Changes. Now offering 20% OFF Labor for auto repairs to UBER Drivers. Keep your vehicle on the road to make you money! DeLorenzo Tire and Auto Service 4545 118th Ave N Clearwater, FL 33762---(727) 540-0492
1-9 of 9 Results