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  1. Chicago
    My proposal to help relieve congestion at the pit, during busy times (Flow chart attached): Monitoring ORD cameras would watch TNP lot to detect busy times, and ORD security personnel could maintain a computer file to allow or prohibit re-match, based on conditions. Uber/Lyft ping allocation...
  2. Chicago
    Maybe it's as fundamental as the Pool vs. No Pool question....mostly a matter of preference. But someone tell me why it makes sense, to sit idle for (please enlighten me....HOURS?) waiting for an O'Hare run rather than go to specific areas that are likely to have riders at that time...
  3. Chicago
    For tonight, 1/31/19, 9PM CST, WGN Chicago TV news coverage: One of the scheduled segments tonight is video coverage of the ORD TNP lot, including complaints from passengers about waiting an hour to get picked up. All of you double-parking, dodge-em'-cars, antsy pit lurkers are probably going...
  4. Chicago
    There is so much focus on ORD, I think it deserves its own group. All the Pit Lizards and specialists. All the beat puppies who are so loyal they keep coming back. It's the single most mentioned location here. What would even be second--Wrigley (in season)? Strip clubs in general? For sure...
  5. Chicago
    Just passed by O'Hare and the ride-sharing lot is blocked off - when I look at Maps it says 'Closed' Anyone work Ohare today - Is there a different lot now?
  6. Chicago
  7. Chicago
    116 ants ahead of me. Do these people drive Uber for a hobby? I used to hang at the pit, not anymore.
  8. Chicago
    Hi guys I am new here. Several days ago, when I was driving near O'hare on I-190, I recevied a request and accepted it. It showed me a passenger from O'hare T-3. I knew I had to wait for passenger request in staging lots, so what should I do? go and pick up? or cancel? (Honestly, I did pick up...
  9. Chicago
    I am a newb, but not a newb. I first started driving Uber when there was no Pit and no pick-ups allowed at either of the airports. Then, I stopped driving Uber for several months (almost 1 year). I started back doing Uber again earlier this year. I have never waited in The Pit. But, every time...
  10. Advice
    I entered in my home as a destination however I'm not showing in the staging que while at Chicago Ohare Airport
  11. Chicago
    Anyone have any idea what happened Monday night - Tuesday morning? I got out to O'hare at 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday and there must of been 10 cop cars in the lot, a paddy wagon, another 20 more ride share cars and the entire lot was roped off. All of us drivers that showed up had to turn around...
  12. Chicago
    Please post ORD clock times here What is the current time on the clock? What is the most time you have seen on the clock? What is the least time you have seen on the clock? How accurate has it been?
  13. Chicago
    So we finally received information about picking up at the airports, but it was missing a lot of key information. I just sent the following list of questions to support and will see if they answer them, and if so, if they do so thoroughly: Please provide researched answers to all the following...
  14. Chicago
    Version 2.103.2 from nov 10 broke the ability for pickups at ohare. When you set pickup location you are promoted for what terminal and door you will be at. Then when you select where you are it doesn't send a request and locks you on that page. Hitting cancel only zooms you out a bit and you...
  15. Chicago
    Why isn't Uber sending out information to us regarding the airport pick ups? Why do we have to learn about this from the news or from passengers? Am I missing something? Is there an email distribution list that I need to be on and if so how do I get signed up for it?
1-15 of 15 Results