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  1. Advice
    Sometimes when I'm completing what I hope will be my last trip of the day, I'll receive a request. If I go offline while I have passengers on board, will that screw up the trip in progress? I don't like to decline requests, but there are times when I'm ready to call it quits. Thanks for any reply.
  2. Lyft
    I tried to go online around 6-7pm today and when I would hit the online slider it would just show the progress circle, then launch the Lyft dashboard in a browser window. I was able to go into destination mode but never got a ping so I probably wasn't actually online. Now at 11pm it seems to be...
  3. Lyft
    As of now, Lyft is down in the San Francisco, Bay Area.
  4. Chicago
    This happening to anyone else? If I'm driving home after 4 am, with few riders likely, I'm likely to have a podcast on my phone, or I'll let the screen time out. In recent weeks I've been unceremoniously shoved OFFLINE when Uber was supposedly looking for matching rides. This is...
  5. Seattle
    Up until this spring, I used to drive with both apps open and sharing one-half of the screen. Since then, when I keep both open, they are not minimized. While parked at normally busy times/places, with Gryft open on top of Boober, the absence of pings has caused me to check the (submerged)...
  6. Advice
    I updated my insurance two days ago, it no longer says that it is pending review. I don't have any other documents up for review, but I can't get online. Is it just the system not catching up to my latest document?
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Even if its for 5 minutes after a ride. You must learn to wait.
  8. Chicago
    So late last nite I was by the Schaumburg convention center waiting for a Ping with both Lyft and Uber open in the Driver mode. As I was cruising I got a ping from Lyft for a pick up half mile away. I accept and immediately I switch to the Uber App (on the same phone) to go Offline. At that...
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
  10. Advice
    Hello, I'm a pretty new uber driver so I'm still trying to figure it out. If I have a passenger in my car and I don't want anymore request to come in because I'm hungry or need a break or just done for the night, will going offline mid way through the ride shut off the gps in the über app and...
  11. New York City
    Whatxs the Lyft version of "go offline" in uber? i tried going offline he regular way, but it added a rider anyway. then i couldnt figure out how to cancel on the second rider without cancellong he whole ride.
  12. New Jersey
    I get that there are drivers that drive during the day and the times when there is no surge. But for the love of God, when you drive during the bar times (could apply for any time actually), leave the map up but keep yourself OFFLINE!!! I drive in the Morristown area a lot and know full well...
  13. Complaints
    Before I go Online with Uber I always drive down to Disneyland (about 5mins drive from my place) and I just wait there until there's a surge then I go Online. But the other day while I was OFFLINE I received pings TWICE! Anybody had the same experice?
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    To help facilitate a 'go offline' period, I've set up a text group to help communications. Text TNCDGLA to 88202 Just like the Surge Pricing number this is managed my me, however using Google voice had some serious limits when sending mass text. So an upgrade was needed.
  15. Chicago
    So I tried it just now. And in the end Uber fails us... the F ING app still asks if you want to go offline. $#@/!^&!*&(€*×÷!!!!! What a joke.
  16. Technology
    When I switch apps after going online on Uber Partner, like to use Google Maps or Gmail, and return to the Uber Partner app it reloads including connecting, and often hangs on the connecting screen. I have to stop the app and restart it. Occasionally I find it has made me go offline. I often...
  17. Complaints
    I feel like a victim of uber! Does anyone else feel the same?? It all began shortly after signing up for uber about 3 months ago. I woke up one day to see a text message from uber claiming I was passing up on some ride requests and told me to check my email. "You've been online, but not...
  18. Wellington, NZ
    Has anyone noticed Uber making drivers unavailable after ignoring a single request, cancelling a ride or simply logging off then back on within a few minutes? There is also no notice you simply stop getting requests and your icon is not on the rider app.
  19. Oklahoma City
    Recently I've noticed something in Downtown OKC on the weekends. Surge usually gets to around 3X-5X when the bars let out. But recently it's stayed at around 2X. Learn how to make the surge pricing go up. I flipped over to the passenger app while Downtown and saw sooooo many drivers online from...
  20. Technology
    Greetings, fellow Uber people! Over the past few weeks, I've noticed at least two or three occasions when I would return to the Uber Partner app from Spotify or Google Maps only to see that somehow I was offline, despite never having pressed the "Go Offline" button and after having selected...
1-20 of 25 Results