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  1. Flex
    Starting Friday, March 9th, I no longer see any offers, even taken offers momentarily, for Logistics (packages). I am still seeing fresh offers. I'm wondering if there is truth to the rumor I've heard about a metric that can put you on different tiers for receiving offers. For example no more...
  2. Flex
    So, thought I had it figured out. Blocks were being posted pretty much between noon and 3pm every day for next day. Today, I literally refreshed for 9 hours... while doing other things, obviously... and nothing for next day blocks. Wth? I'm not greedy. I would just like 4 to 5, 3-hour blocks a...
  3. Seattle
    hi guys so a passenger of mine gave this to me after his trip and it's just for Uber drivers I think and it's only for 1 day this Saturday (says so at top). Thought I'd spread the good word since it looks like a pretty good deal. He wrote his contact number on the sheet and told me I could...
  4. Flex
    So this has been an absolute nightmare. First, when I signed up, somehow my region got diverted to Kentucky (when it should have been Cincinnati). Because of this, I wasn't getting offers. When I called, I was diverted to an e-mail address to help with things like this. What a joke. After 9...
  5. Flex
    I have been checking the app right when the hour changes for days now, and shifts will NOT pop up in my "Offers" section. Has this happened to anyone else? It's been days and I haven't been able to make any money. Of course, the Flex Support team has been a total joke.
1-5 of 5 Results