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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Has anyone come across any pax that has terrible halitosis (bad breath)? Where as soon as they open their mouth, it smells like sewage and the odor is strong enough to kill a skunk. How do you deal with that situation? I'm thinking of getting a box of disposable surgical masks and handing...
  2. Chicago
    No, not about a ping from Sidetrack. Anyone ever refuse, rebuke, or lock the door on smokers? I can't stand it when I pull up, someone is smoking and they take one last drag on their cigarette (which they just flick on the ground) before getting in my car. If I can afford to refuse all Pool...
  3. Minneapolis
    As i pull up the stench of booze and cigarettes were oozing through the doors. As they climbed into my car, the foul odor filled the car causing me to throw up in my mouth. We proceeded half mile down the road only to pull up to an Aldi where I waited 7 mins for them to come out with a...
  4. San Diego
    It is unavoidable, you will have foul smells in your car! Back when I start doing Uber I faced this problem. Most car fresheners didn’t last more than I few days and seem to be slow removing odors. After testing several products I found Ozium, best odor removal stuff I ever used, except it...
  5. Complaints
    Does anyone have an issue with passengers smoking a cigarette or reeking of alcohol that will funky up your car smell right before they get in?
1-5 of 5 Results