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  1. Build a community in...
    Hi, someone driving Uber or Lyft in Ocala, FL?
  2. Complaints
    I say we fight for a minimum of $10 fare.. thats still better than the cab companies, and would keep us from running to a fare 10 minutes away who just wants to go around the block for $3-4. Should be a minimum of $10.. I don't think thats too much to ask!
  3. Orlando
    I'm looking for Ocala drivers who want to share lodging expenses and go to Orlando to make $. I can get decent resort roons for dirt cheap on I-Drive right by the Orlando Eye. If you haven't driven in Orlando yet...you turn on your Uber Partner App and it goes off constantly. Hit me up!
  4. Orlando
    Are there any uber drivers in ocala? And what times are people usually actively seeking rides?
1-4 of 4 Results