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  1. San Francisco
    The title says it all. If there was a city forum for the East SF Bay I would have put this post there. I thought it noteworthy because any driver heading south from Oakland Airport will encounter it. It trashed my front driver side tire and I don’t have small wheels. Merry Christmas. Be safe...
  2. Complaints
    Been waiting well over an hour in the queue at OAK. Went from being in the 50’s to the top 5 and sat there for a long while. Got 3 non-terminal requests and declined them. That’s not why I’m f’ing waiting in the f’ing queue; to drive some a-hole 5 blocks to his job at the 7-11. Then I got the...
  3. San Francisco
    I picked someone someone from OAK yesterday and received a citation for going to the wrong loading zone. I was supposed to go to zone 2 but ended in zone 3. The sign that says 2E was placed immediately before a slight left turn to zone 3, so logically that's where I turned. Since I've never been...
  4. Complaints
    anyone notice this.... you wait in the pool..say 20-30 cars you get down to 1-10..almost your turn and Bam..you get taken out for off site trip.:( Burns me..only part time at this point
  5. Sydney
    Frozen Oak is a chocolate milk flavoured icy drink - with a Slurpee consistency. Basically, this could be the best heatwave (and hangover) cure of ALL TIME. Sightings so far according to news.com.au: Wyong Caltex - M1 Southbound Service Centre Wyong Caltex - M1 Northbound Service Centre...
1-5 of 5 Results