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  1. Boston
    Does anybody have screenshots from that night? I only have a few but I need more or else they won't pay me back!! I noticed on a lot of trips I didn't receive the guaranteed fares on NYE. All of the pick up locations were either downtown or Cambridge or south Boston near seaport district, which...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Serge is lower than ever.
  3. Brisbane
    Last year they did this but its in more detail below from the article posted in the Courier Mail. I wonder what Uber's potental hourly earnings is calculated now.:confused: Public transport Brisbane New Year's Eve: Council to provide free services EXTRA bus and ferry services will be provided...
  4. Miami
    I know this is a long post but it is important to tell the whole story Just after 1:00am I had a Pax from a Fort lauderdale beach resort request a ride (7.3 Surge) for what I'm assuming was his escort. On the way there he texted me to tell me that I would be picking up Andrea I told him ok. Not...
  5. News
    SF Examiner, 1 Jan 2016 New Year's Eve a bust for some Uber drivers, Lyft drivers make it out OK By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez on January 1, 2016 12:45 pm Another New Year's Eve in San Francisco meant another night of rideshare "surge" pricing for partygoers. Many Uber and Lyft drivers were...
  6. Las Vegas
    Had three 8.9x surges (all from the Strip) and my highest fare to date. Everybody do well too? I guess back to reality...next shift $1.10/mile.
1-6 of 6 Results