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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    At this time of year, rideshare drivers are usually gearing up for the biggest earnings night of the year: New Years Eve! However, I can't help but notice that hardly anyone has even mentioned it this year. Of course, with COVID-19 dominating the discussions on the forum, that's not really...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Come on comrades! Let me here you crow like roosters 🐔I’m living vicariously through you 😆
  3. Advice
    GO MAKE THAT MONEY!!!!!!!!! In all seriousness, I wish for success and safety for everyone driving tonight. NYE is the busiest night of the year, with great risk comes even greater rewards. I've been seeing some pretty TEMPTING promotions on Uber. $75 extra for every 3 trips?????? That's wild...
  4. Chicago
    It appears to me that Lyft has implemented new vehicle damage policy. Let me know if you guys got similar massage ? For $100 we (lyft) reserve and buy the right for any passenger from now on to be able to damage your vehicle (with puke) at will with no future compensation for the damage unless...
  5. Portland
    Over 10 hours put in. About 1 hr was complete online dead time or dead miles. Including those, I averaged $49/hr gross. Grossed over $500 total. $3.37/ mile driven 3 tips on Uber for $5 total, out of 20-25 rides. 7 Lyft tips for $28 total out of 10-15 rides. Lyft was 38% of my rides but 29%...
  6. Stories
    Where's the barf? Anyone had their interior decorated with pax stomach juice?
  7. San Francisco - East Bay
    Its pretty slow out here. I’m even doing Pool rides to try and hit the 10:00 quest. First ride brought me from Livermore to SJ. Working here so I don’t waste time doing dead miles back. Will head back north at 10 to work on the 4am quest. Happy New Year.
  8. New York City
    I was looking forward to stacking up with Lyft tonight . Now it makes no sense really. Anybody received any incentives to go out tonight?
  9. Seattle
    BrunchWell-Known Member Not even a dedicated post this year for New Year's. :p I'll be giving some rides today, but I'm not messing with the pukers later tonight and tomorrow morning. My first ride of this year I had a puker just a little after midnight. The dude had his window down and I asked...
  10. Dallas
    Does anyone have information on the winners?
  11. Austin
    highest surge I saw for Uber in Austin was 1.7; whereas I snagged several 6.7 Fastens instead. Hmmm let me see, grab a 1.7X Uber surge and then give Uber 28% ... or grab a 6.7X Fasten surge and then give Fasten 99¢. Needless to say, I took very few Fubers. But most of my Fasten trips were $50+...
  12. Portland
    Last few days I have had considerably more business on Lyft than Uber. Makes me think they are more aggressive about NYE promos. I run both apps equally. Yesterday I did 25 Lyft rides and 7 Ubers. Only one simultaneous ping, I chose Lyft cuz it was a block away. Meanwhile, Lyft is giving me...
  13. Dallas
    Is it worth it to drive on New Years Eve? Those who drove last year on NYE, how did you do?
  14. Lyft
    How is the amp going to help make more money? Looks like more false advertising in an attempt to manipulate people ... again.
  15. Chicago
    We all know NYE is tomorrow and its been discussed in just about every way possible. But, I think tonight has the possibility to provide usual Saturday evening demand, if not busier than normal. 1. The obvious: Its Saturday, its cold, and snow on the ground (I've seen many vehicles in which...
  16. Atlanta
    I know some people hate drunks but is it going to be surging or even worth dealing with it ? I mean the way the week went i have no choice .... but do you think uber is going to pull some bull ?
  17. San Diego
    Hello UberPeople! My name is Jeff, and I am the Manager for Special Events and Promotions at Viejas Casino. I wanted to let all San Diego Uber drivers know about the upcoming NYE Gala taking place at Viejas Casino this year. We are going to be setting up an exclusive "Uber Lounge" only for...
  18. St. Louis
    Just wanted to know how everyone's NYE went. Was it worth it or not? And any good stories you have to share, I would like to hear.
1-20 of 55 Results