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  1. Advice
    the gate code is **** call this number ***-***-**** when you're close, I will come out. It’s a form of phishing/hacking. Only use the call customer button in the app pls. If they don’t answer that number hit that customer did not answer the phone button. Never dial outside the app.
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Community, Just wondering about the number of passengers that you pick up on a single request. I have only had 2 trips that had 4 passengers on Uber-X/Lyft in the last 6 months. I kind of prefer this as having more passengers means more weight to shuttle around for the same fare...
  3. Washington DC
    Can You guys share your number of trip and time?
  4. Miami
    Just got back to driving for Uber again and I notice now that you have to periodically refresh your screen in order to know what number you are in the que for airports. I click either "Earnings", "Ratings" or "Account" and then I press "Home" in order to update know where I am in line. I'm using...
1-4 of 4 Results