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  1. Advice
    Going for a pretty long drive to a place I plan to visit with my wife. I am contemplating picking up some riders along the way. Can I specify the number of seats available for this particular trip? Is there a setting I can set in my app?
  2. Technology
    I have a small car that can legally hold 3 PAX, because it has only three seats/seatbelts. I and various passengers had to cancel five trips last weekend because I showed up and there were four or five people there. I told them they should order XL just to make sure. One of them ordered again...
  3. Technology
    :)Hay guys as a new driver I figure I'll make my mistakes now while I'm new. My idea is seeded by the tips about putting a sign behind my seat asking the (paxs ?) to tip/rate. My method is like that except on CRACK. First I have custom seat covers coming in the mail (mostly for me). Second, now...
  4. Advice
    I drive an Uber XL. Most of my calls are for an Uber X. At times, I will show up and the rider wants to put 6-8 people in my car. At times I have made them cancel the ride, pay the fee and then relist for an XL. The XL says up to 6 passengers. My car holds 8. Is there any additional...
1-4 of 4 Results