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  1. Sydney
    Late Saturday night during surge periods, four times after accepting pings during a trip, I turned up to the pick up address with the rider nowhere to be found. I texted and/or phoned each. Three told me that they had cancelled earlier on because I was too far away. One of these muttered...
  2. Miami
    Uber has removed the "express pool" notification and just put "pool". Sneaky Uber, they know we don't like express pool so they are trying to fool us. Yesterday, I tried to give regular Uber-Pool a chance, (so many requests I had to try again), twice after accepting it said "express pool"...
  3. Technology
    While using Waze, I'm consistently missing rides. I'm using an IPad 4, which may be affecting visibility of the notifications. These notifications usually pop up for a few seconds at most. I have tried changing the settings of the Ipad itself, so it displays alerts for longer, but they are...
  4. Technology
    I'm pretty sure this is embedded within the app... Nevertheless, does anyone know if the trip request "BLING... BLING... BLING... BLING..." notification sound can be replaced by another notification sound of ones' choosing (without rooting my device)? Thank you in advance for any insight.
  5. Technology
    There's been some discussion about the new acceptance screen, some like and others do not. I certainly do not like the new format. It is just another way for Uber to send us blindly to an address. I'm sure it's based on getting people to accept addresses that they would not otherwise accept...
  6. Complaints
    I have been getting numerous comments/complaints from PAX who say that their app says I am somewhere between 1-3 minutes away even though I have arrived at their location and my app says the PAX has been notified. I sent in a help request and of course got the big long instructions on how to...
  7. Tyler
    Do y'all know the extents of where you can be around town to receive trip notifications? My "service area" seems to be way small and does not cover all of the Tyler area. Any ideas?
  8. Notifications
    I have been driving for about 3 weeks and apparently my "Service Area" only covers about 60% of the area inside the city limits. The 40% outside my service area is the busiest part of town. I keep being told from Uber that the service area for my city is the entire county, yet I have to stay...
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
    I have noticed that the no-accept timeouts seem to have taken a different form. It seems that Uber is not even bothering to notify the drivers if they have refused too many requests in a row. If you toggle the online-offline button it seems that everything is ok with to red timeout message. BUT...
  10. New Jersey
    In the past week, I have received a few alerts on my phone saying that there is a surge in my town. I noticed the alert as soon as it appeared, and I immediately went into the partner app. No sign of a surge. My town spans many miles, so the surge could be anywhere (if it exists). Today, I...
  11. Flex
    I know it’s not instant because I grabbed far more blocks from manual refreshes than from notifications.
  12. Miami
    https://medium.com/@UberPubPolicy/our-approach-to-tipping-aa0074c0fddc#.9zxi0a4jt Uber Under the Hoodyesterday2 min read Our approach to tipping Last week, we settled two class-action lawsuits in California and Massachusetts. As part of that settlement, we agreed to clarify our approach to...
  13. Lyft
    Hey all, so I noticed that the Lyft app changed recently (or at least, I changed to a newer Droid phone, and maybe was able to get a newer version of the app on it?), which does more clearly notify you-- in pink, or purple-- if a potential fare is a regular Lyft, or a Line, in case you don't...
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Had trouble sleeping, but finally managed to. Suddenly CLUNK! (roughly the sound of notifications on my iPhone). It was the partner app "Don't miss out on morning rush hour!" with reminders of busy morning commute hours. It was 2am. Uber, if I crash due to fatigue, I'm blaming you.
  15. Advice
    It has happened to me a couple of times this week. I arrive to pick up a passenger, only to find no pax and no indication on the app that I ever accepted a ride. The next time I accept a ride (10 - 20 minutes later?), the cancel notice popups on my app. Of course, I would not have gone all the...
  16. Surge
    Uber app now allows drivers to get surge notifications.
  17. Chicago
    So we finally received information about picking up at the airports, but it was missing a lot of key information. I just sent the following list of questions to support and will see if they answer them, and if so, if they do so thoroughly: Please provide researched answers to all the following...
  18. Louisville
    Is there a way that I can get Uber notifications sent to my Uber rental iPhone, instead of to my personal cell phone? Thanks in advance, DJ McClure Louisville, KY
1-18 of 18 Results