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  1. Notifications
    I must admit, I don't know if this is a new future that's been recently added but there's a safety tool kit button in the bottom left corner. It's for drivers to share our location and an emergency Panic 9-1-1 button. Now the 911 button is definitely welcomed. However, it doesn't explain how it...
  2. Brisbane
    I pick up passenger, they going to city :-( I was hoping for Gold Coast. Never mind me still a winner!. I driving along Airport Drive and turn phone off and say to passenger "my phone die, oh no, but I remember address it all ok" so I drop passenger off in city then off I go back to airport but...
  3. Technology
    So, just started Uber Delivery (no passengers), and it is very difficult to read the pickup map in the 15 seconds to accept time. The route seems to spin and be displayed in some random type of direction, so the orientation of the route (is it the direction I want to be heading?) is difficult...
1-3 of 3 Results