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  1. San Francisco
    Hey everyone! I joined Uber in July 2016 because there was a $1000 bonus out for referrals and until then my husband had been the only one earning because I had been taking care of our baby girl full time. I ended up contacting Uber and was told that I could complete my 100 rides whenever I...
  2. Advice
    Always always always take a screenshot of your completed trip right after you rate your passenger! Make this into a habit so it's second nature. Personally I've encountered uber making fare adjustments without informing me. I've learned I'm not alone and this is a common practice. Even more...
  3. Advice
    This post is seeking information, asking for advice, and just plain b1tch1ng. Didn't know what forum to put it in so chose advice. Issue: It appears Uber is skimming tens of millions of dollars from their drivers. Please read on and reply if you agree, disagree, have other sources of data, or...
1-3 of 3 Results