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  1. Peoria
    I drive in Bloomington-Normal in the school year where I make very good wages when driving the Thursday, Friday, Saturday bar shift during the school year. Now that it's summer, I'm averaging $15 an hour, which compared to the school year, that's super low. Is the bar shift in Peoria any...
  2. Atlanta
    What's Going on? Picked up 4 trips early this morning. By noon it showed I received 5 stars from All 4 Trips. But now those 4 trips are all gone. Back to yesterday’s Grand Total Trip. Is the Norm?
  3. Chicago
    I got a request from OHARE and the pax called right away to let me know it was a trip to Bloomington/Normal, IL - (3 riders). Pax said 2 other uber canceled the trip once they found out the distance. I was thankful that pax was considerate enough to call me before I got there. It was over a 2...
1-3 of 3 Results