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  1. Cleveland & Akron
    Noticed changes this past week. It is 7am on Monday morning and I have been watching the app for a couple hours. No surges. So let me get this straight. First, federal workers who took up Uber driving during the shutdown are now going back to work taking them off the streets during the day...
  2. Surge
    This has been happening all night: Surge indicator pops up. I glance at the map......don't see anything. I pinch, I zoom, I swipe.....nothing. The surge indicator glares back at me, taunting me mercilessly.... I have seen surges on the map that will become suddenly invisible at certain...
  3. Complaints
    I have 50 screenshots I'm in the hottest surge zone. Don't get a trip but when I do its 8 miles 15 minutes outside of surge zone. I've never been pulled into surge zone only repeatedly pulled out. I was in a area were surge is normal I was in the heart beat sat there and watched it start orange...
1-3 of 3 Results