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  1. Chicago
    I hailed an Uber X Monday morning. Thinking as a driver, I found an empty/legal pullover spot at a Franklin St address, just north of Washington St. Text from Me: I'm on Franklin by the series of purple awnings (for Cosi Restaurant) [pauses in between texts] White RAV 4 Driver: I have arrived...
  2. Stories
    I arrive at pickup location, wait a few minutes. It's a Lyft rider so I try to call to see when they're thinking of coming out of the hotel to meet me. No answer. That and five minutes will get me $5 so, I wait. I get a call from the rider, and he says: "I'm halfway to Universal now, why...
  3. Stories
    Setting: $400 per night hotel. I’m under the porte cochere, but so are a dozen other drivers and cabs. I call rider to tell her I’m in front and she promises she’s only 45 seconds away. The timer says 4:30 left to count down. A couple of minutes later, she’s still not there and I’m feeling...
  4. Miami
    I get to the spot across the street from the pickup 15 mins early. I'm online for the top of the hour and... Nothing. I ignored another pickup just to ensure I honored the commitment I already made.
  5. Miami
    You accept the ping. You get to the pickup location. Pax is notified that you're there. Timer is going. Timer is getting low so you call/text to confirm pickup. Pax doesn't respond and you cancel no-show cause the wait timer has expired. And now the dummy wants to call you to find out what...
  6. Advice
    For Uberx if I select cancel for a no-show rider after 5 mins I get $5 gross. How long do I have to wait for Uberpool? Uber says to wait 2 mins and then feel free to cancel. Will I get the cancelation fee? Thanks
  7. Advice
    I've had a whole lot of no-show fees which aren't going through. I wait for more than five minutes, timed out by stopwatch. I then have to take time out of a busy night to email back and forth with uber CSR's. They will literally lie about my arrival time, and then half the time after I email...
1-7 of 7 Results