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  1. Washington DC
    I have noticed since the CEO change, Uber's customer service has gone to shits. It has become so horrible. It's like talking to robots who spew back the same pre made responses in the negative. They are so unreasonable. Example, 2 days ago, I drove 5 miles to pick up a passenger whose pick up...
  2. Phoenix
    I couldn't get data or make a darn call after 10:30pm last night! No landline phone, so I couldn't call T-Mobile to see what the heck was going on either.. I was geared up, ready to go, but no service!! It didn't turn back on until 4:30 am!!!! I saw on the news this morning that ALL T-Mobile...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So, today I took a pax, and it was only 2 miles, 8 minutes. When I dropped him off I slid the button to drop off, and the screen froze and then a quick message no service, and the app crashed, when I reopened it, I was at the screen where I give stars to pax. After that it took me offline. I...
1-3 of 3 Results