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  1. Denver
    Hi folks. I would like to know how the business is going for you guys. I had several rides Including Uber eats per 5-6 hours almost every day for last week, but only had three trips yesterday, and then a zero today. Is this normal or is there something wrong with the app? I am pretty new to Uber...
  2. Advice
    i had an accident a couple weeks ago, my car was totaled. It was not my fault. I filled all the paperwork, got a new car and it is all approved. I get random emails from Uber asking me to complete the incident report, I completed when the accident happened. My old car is still on my account. I...
  3. Denver
    I drive weekend nights in Denver and surrounding Metro area, and since October ended, I've seen a huge decrease in riders each night. I was out for four hours on Saturday and didn't get a sing ride request. Has this been happening to anyone else?
  4. Complaints
    Is you drive in any populated area you are no doubt seeing an Uber on every corner by now. Multiplying every week. Even in residential. Scroll around the rider app and it is like that across the entire state. I am now waying possibly selling my Uber car, since it is my second car. I'm finding...
  5. Columbus
    So, UBER deactivated my account after someone totalled my last car. Got a new car and set everything up with UBER and Lyft, still waiting on UBER to re-activate me, but have been up and running for almost two weeks with Lyft. I love the Lyft app and tips are a huge plus, but I can't get rides...
  6. Technology
    I picked up a rider around John Wayne airport and brought them to Los Angeles yesterday (6/23). Once I dropped that person off (it was around 5pm)...I got ZERO pings for the next two hours regardless where I drove to (all over Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and then the long drive back to the OC)...
1-6 of 6 Results