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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    https://www.narcity.com/news/experts-say-that-canada-is-at-risk-of-experiencing-a-recession-in-2019 It's no secret that many Canadians have been struggling financially as of late. With the rising cost of living in Canada and interest rates, it can be hard to make ends meet at the end of the...
  2. San Francisco
    I guess my first comment would be, "I CANNOT BELIEVE I'VE LOST SO MUCH MONEY THIS WEEK"!! Working for Uber is starting to take it's toll! I have been with these two scam companies now 3yrs! I will save the keys from typing the past on how I use to make $350.00 a day and that was my minimum take...
  3. Advice
    Hi! I started driving on Saturday and have been out at least an hour a day. Today I hung out for an hour at a busy train station. I have not gotten a single passenger. Yes I have been approved and yes I am logged in on line. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results