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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    VW/Audi/Porche just recently made a commitment 10's of billions in electric vehicle production and now GM has decided its' time to bite the bullet. From a armchair perspective it certainly looks like we are close to the end of human's behind the wheel. My former industry is now replacing...
  2. St. Louis
    Thursday and Friday was pretty dead in CWE, Clayton and Dwntwn. I hate just sitting for long periods. I got the 15 guarantee text, but that didn't seem to be a true statement. Wondering if I should bother tonight. Last week was awesome ....what the heck happened?
  3. Complaints
    I've been working with UBER for about six months and actually lost money at it. Why do I do it, so I have something to do when my wife goes non linear. I work in Southern California L.A. and Orange County. First of all the ride share is so saturated that there is almost never surge pricing. In...
1-4 of 4 Results