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  1. Vehicles
    There is a settlement for delaminated headlight assemblies that can be viewed at Nissanheadlightsettlement.com. If you bought/leased and replaced the headlights or if you need to replace, the settlement with cover the charges up to $1200
  2. Vehicles
    2014 Nissan Altima available @ $300 a week Call me 347-848-2750 for more details Located in Bronx NY
  3. Boston
    I have a 2016 Nissan Altima that is going in for a new transmission tomorrow morning. For the past two weeks the car does not turn over easily in the morning and for the third time the battery does not have enough charge to start the engine. AAA has checked the battery and said that it is...
  4. Washington DC
    I have dashcam footage of a guy hanging out the back window of another car last night puking....i wanna post it SO BAD, but i had pax in the car probably save it for a meetup...hahaha
1-4 of 4 Results