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  1. Buffalo & Rochester
    Hey everyone! I just started about a week ago in Rochester. 60 trips, 41 rated and all 5 stars. I wanted to rant about my first bad rider experience so I can put it behind me and go back online. I pick up a guy from an apartment complex and see that when he comes out of the building he is...
  2. Cleveland & Akron
    A Radio/TV colleague of mine moved to LA. When he's not acting he drives for Uber. He posted this story on Facebook, and I asked if I could share it here... Uber riders from hell: (When you call your driver in LA a generic 213 number comes up) Me: hello this is Ron (in Uber land I use my legal...
  3. Stories
    So I pick up pax. Good looking, dressed provocatively. She asks if we can change the destination address to her friends house which I oblige. About 15 mins into our 30 min drive the ride gets canceled. I say did you accidentally cancel the ride? She says no, that's weird, the same thing happened...
1-3 of 3 Results