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  1. Chattanooga
    I took my first Uber drive on July 4th, one month ago. I started because I have a brother-in-law in Savannah who enjoys driving. Overall it been a blast. I teach middle school, so I won't be on the roads as much with school starting, but I will keep driving. I made more in one month and 150...
  2. Columbus
    Columbus,GA? I'm confused on how the cities are set up on this forum. If so are there any columbus ga drivers that want to start a different kinda chat room like, line, what's app, group me or any other suggestions?
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Kind of late but Lyft released Founding Driver Video
  4. Perth
    Hi All, I am going to UBER vehicle inspection requirement (completed DoT inspection), is there anything specific i need to follow to pass the teat? is there any cost involved? What will UBER check in my car? Please advice. Thanks,
  5. Advice
    Hi all I'm a new uber and I was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on where the best areas are in fresno to wait for rides and at what time of day are the most requested? I come from about 20 minutes south of Fresno and would find this information to be extremely useful in planning...
  6. Perth
    Hi Guys, I have received my F Extension today and I am bit confused on choosing car. Firstly. I can only drive 30 to 40 hours in a week I have a baby seat in my 4 yr old Camry, and my wife use our car sometime to go out with my little one. Should I rent a car? If I use my personal car, I...
  7. Perth
    Hi I am new to UBER - Perth. I have few questions and I am sure experts over here can help me out. 1. I am using my 4 yr old Toyota and it is classified as class 1A, if i change to class 3F does it mean i am registering my car as business ? 2. Do i need to pay the difference in price when i...
  8. Advice
    Hey guys. Just starting out here. I recently went and had few sensors put in my car at the dealership I purchased it from. Certified Mechanics. I had them do an uber inspection. Everything looks great except I just recently purchased this car so on the license plate number section he wrote: TEMP...
  9. Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm Heather from beautiful Missoula, Montana. Uber came to Montana in August, and I just started driving my 2009 Honda Fit (UberX) here in Missoula about a month ago. So far, I'm LOVING it! I've mostly been online during the weekends, later at night and so far, have averaged...
  10. Indianapolis
    so I normally drive in the Lafayette/west Lafayette area, but have been wondering about comming to Indy. I don't really know the town away from the circle, but as long as riders put in a destination I don't think it would be bad. What I was wondering is if anyone from Indy thinks it would be...
1-10 of 10 Results