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  1. Sydney
    13% commission for new drivers, up from 5%. Weekly quests that increase based on your performance. Any Newcastle drivers have any feedback?
  2. Sydney
    Uber Comfort is being trialled in Canberra: see https://uberpeople.net/threads/uber-comfort-has-come-to-canberra-on-trial.332593/. Is it being similarly trialled in Newcastle and Wollongong?
  3. World
    Thread for any drivers in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and surrounding areas.
  4. Sydney
    The Winter Heat festival is on today between 5 and 9 pm so Honeysuckle drive will be closed between 3.30 and 10pm. All the best for a Saturday.
  5. Sydney
    Anybody driving in Newcastle? I'm thinking of moving there, just wondering if it's a worthwhile place to drive. What are the expected earnings for a 40hr week?
  6. Sydney
    Hi, any idea of the approval process on a Driver Approval ETA? I started last week, started driving on the weekend in Newcastle. During the week I purchased a New Mobile phone (for use with Uber) worth $400, as well as booked accommodation closer to the city. I left work early on Friday...
  7. Australia
    This week, an Information night was held at Newcastle Town Hall for Uber. ETA for launch is Mid-April. New forum section to be setup in anticipation?
1-7 of 7 Results