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  1. Seattle
    Any 10 trips after 10 PM and before 0400 January 1...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    so I started driving for Uber in March 2017 so I have only been through one New Year’s Eve and I was with family and didn’t drive. This year, I will still be with family but I may be free to work from 12:30 to 2:30. While I know it will be a busy night, my question is about TTC subway being...
  3. New York City
    Decided to check thru my NYE uber trips to see what sort of surge there really was on NYE. This is a different way of looking at things than just calculating Uber's percentage. For example, if you got a ride at 2.5x and Uber took 60%, that means they charged surge pricing of 5.8x. You can find...
  4. Seattle
    Boost and PZs (--I know, I know) expire after 0300 tonite. Will ping activity flatline after then, or should I stay out until 0400?
  5. Canberra
    Here is GoCatch's advice emailed to Canberra drivers on Friday 29 December at 3.19 pm: 95% Commission and Higher Fares this NYE! Hi Jack, NYE is the biggest event of the year and you can earn 95% of EVERY Economy and Premium job on GoCatch this New Year's Eve weekend! All fares will be...
  6. Canberra
    There is a significant discrepancy in the advice from Uber about New Year incentives in Canberra. This is the in-app advice: And this is the text of an email sent at 4.01 pm on Friday 29 December: Jack, why not get on the road this New Year's Eve? This New Year's Eve, we'll top-up your...
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    In the past, as NYE draws near, there’s usually allot of excitement and anticipation on UberPeople about driving on the Big Night. But this year, it’s like: ‘Meh, Whatever.’
  8. Connecticut
    Not certain if I will even bother Ubering that night. I may just watch tv and go to bed early... Expecting Party People in your car? You can buy plastic paint drop sheets for a few dollars. Use duct tape of something similar to tape the plastic over the entire rear sheet. Maybe use a few cheap...
  9. Worcester
    Its been normal busy lately, but what about Christmas eve and day? Also New Years Eve? Surge??
  10. Surge
    Rather than going through every city sub forum I was wondering how you did on New Year's Eve. From what I am seeing it was a letdown for most but some made out ok. So how did you do? How was the surge?
  11. Las Vegas
    I started at 12:15 am after a nap, and the pings just kept rolling in on top of one another in till dawn, almost 90% surges... But only a few 5x. No pukers, only one truly obnoxious drunk, a few nappers... And one guy outright passed out in the back seat. Saw the taxicab authority police...
  12. San Francisco
    Hey guys! I drove for the month of November and haven't driven since. So I wasn't given the bonus from 8pm to midnight tonight *womp womp*. But I'm considering driving anyway! Is NYE really all that lucrative? Is it more of a b***h and not worth it? I most likely will be driving 6-11. And...
  13. Cleveland & Akron
    Question for anyone who's driven on New Years Eve in Cleveland before - how much did you make and how many hours did you drive? How many rides did you give? I've driven for uber for a few months now part time (and when I say part time, I mean very sparingly- I've been tight on money lately so I...
  14. Advice
    This year will be my first New Years Eve driving. Ofcourse all markets are different but i would still like to read some advice from more experienced drivers.
  15. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I am sure you got the e-mail about New Year's Eve. The mothership is probably getting an idea how much incentive they are going to offer. I dove last year and the people were horrible, rude, unpleasant, etc. One really big night to earn? Really? There will probably be so many drivers that...
  16. Stories
    So all I heard from drivers were "you can make $600 or more easy on NYE!" It was a total bust. Yeah I got requests, but most were 20 min away or just short rides. My last ride on a regular night would have been $20+ for 3 miles at 330 AM, instead under $10 on NYE. Just doesn't make sense. I...
  17. Indianapolis
    Just joined Uber in December. I was just wondering how everyone did last year during New Year's Eve? I plan on being out from 10PM - 3AM.
1-20 of 20 Results