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  1. Brisbane
    Hi, I'm living in Australia on the 457 visa and thought of doing a little ubering from time to time. I wanted to ask you guys if this is allowed on the visa? My restrictions seem to be that I have to have Medicare and be employed by the hospital who are sponsoring me. That's fine, but I was...
  2. Las Vegas
    Hey guys. I just started with Uber this week and wanted to make sure it was a financial benefit before I drop 200 on the license. Can I still do the airport runs? I read in one of these posts that they check credentials. Thanks for taking the time to answer :)
  3. London
    Hi to everyone, I'm new to the thread looking for some advice. I've been reading the old threads and can see a lot of discussion in different areas of uber, the industry and PH. I'm a new PCO holder. Received my licence just over 6 weeks ago. I haven't yet joined uber or any london firm as i'm...
  4. London
    Someone that I know start the application to become an uber driver before he put my referral code. now the next step is to book the appointment for the ignition. Is there any way that I can refer him or is too late thank you in advance
  5. Fort Myers & Naples
    Well I'm new down here and wondering how is the Uber Market down here and please tell me that there are good looking woman down here preferably not ones that wear gold fronts lol jk any how Is business any good down here???
  6. Melbourne
    JUST ANSWER THE POLLING ??? If u keep weekly records Gross fare is what passenger pays Uber divided by total km driven per week. = gross per km The best way to compare your performance with your fellow drivers This week for me 1109.93 / 860 km=$1.29 per km driven Started researching how...
  7. Kansas City
    I'm a new driver and I really like it so far.. I'm not hitting any surges. I'm driving all over KC and making 7 dollars here and maybe 5 bucks there.. Is this the normal? I'm not really making the money I thought. I heard uber drivers can make 700 dollars a week. But... So far I've busted my...
  8. Las Vegas
    Hi there, I recently was told by a friend to join Uber to make extra cash when I am done with my day job. I figured that since it is always busy at night, especially here in Las Vegas, that due to tourism people take rides from cabs and I assume from Uber as well to get them to places. And since...
1-9 of 9 Results