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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Thanks to what Uber did to the rates I have become and exemplar driver. Today (Tuesday 12) I did not exceed the speed limits not even for 1 mile over it, actually I drove under the speed limit, I allowed every single car in front of me to change lines in front of mine when they put the...
  2. New Jersey
    Looks like a wash to me...
  3. San Francisco
    They finally lowered the rates for premium rides in Bay Area: The New rates for Uber Select: $1.407 per mile $0.609 per minute The New rates for Uber Black: $1.911 per mile $0.756 per minute The New rates for Uber Black SUV: $2.254 per mile $0.791 per minute
  4. San Francisco
    Right. So let's do the math at 6pm... This is not an uncommon request from the FiDi. Historically, during rush hour this has been a $30- $40 ride. Based on new pay scheme with $3.75 surge, taking PAX from The Ferry Bldg to SFO will pay out roughly $25.75 (35 min 14 mi). Uber collects...
  5. Portland
    Let's do some math and figure out what the actual damage will be to us. I am only going to do the math on Uber X/regular Lyft. This math does not include Base Pay of $.94, and it does not include the mythical surge, or quests, or gas, or the inevitable flat tire. If you are driving at an...
  6. Technology
    Anyone else not able to see their average star rating anymore on the partner app? Also got a notification that said uber fare rates went up in Lansing but when I checked my app there wasn't anything about that anywhere. Would it be because I'm not in Lansing right now? (iOS)
  7. Washington DC
    Hello all, First, please don't ding me because I'm a new driver! I got into this because I'd been riding my bicycle for years around the city, and then renting a car over the winter months. After a few years of that, I sat down and added up how much I paid for renting and realized I'd paid for...
  8. Houston
    I just checked my payouts for this week. I been driving for months now. 36% taken out!!! Yes that is right I have been up ticked as a new driver it seems. The 28% commission for fUber. I have emailed fUBER CSR just about 2mins ago.
1-9 of 9 Results