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  1. Connecticut
    Four Connecticut cities to test self-driving cars NEWS12CT May 24, 2017 Four cities in Connecticut are getting ready to pilot a program for self-driving cars. A bipartisan bill passed the state Senate to create the program and now heads to the House of Representatives. The idea is to find if...
  2. Advice
    What are the permitted locations for dropping pax off at Quinnipiac? Same question for picking up. I got yelled at by a cop, he said "Uber isn't allowed on this side of campus." Of course, he didn't tell me where I COULD go. My passenger had no idea, because she was just visiting, so I just let...
  3. Connecticut
    I was recently at union station new haven. I decided to stick around and watch what was going on. there were a lot of drivers hanging around this place. they were all across the street either in the metered parking spots or in this lot across from the bus stop. It looked like many of these...
  4. Connecticut
    Just wanted to see if I could get confirmation for a ride at about 6:30am. Thanks, Mike
1-4 of 4 Results