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  1. Minneapolis
    Has anyone heard of these new ridesharing companies? I'm seeing some new rideshare companies like Tryp in Las Vegas come up. They apparently pay 95-100 percent of the ride fare! Does anyone know if they are coming to the midwest? I'd love to earn an extra buck after this pandemic :cryin::cryin...
  2. San Francisco
    Guys i have been invited at oakland hub for a one hour long 'research discussion' on this newly designed app(one we already have). I have to give feedback: what i like/dont like, expectation, etc. Around 2 dozen drivers will be there in different seatings from 1130 am ro 5pm(as per them). So...
  3. Technology
    Uninstall your Uber Driver app and reinstall it. You will have the old app complete with acceptance rate, cancellation rate and total number of 5 star trips. You can use the old app for trips, but once you turn it off it will update to the new one. This works for Android, can any iPhone users...
  4. Advice
    I decided to uninstall the updated driver app and download the older version. My problem is the old app keeps automatically updating to the new app, even though I have disabled automatic apps update. Does anyone know a fix for this? By the way, I have an Lg g6 phone.
1-4 of 4 Results