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new car registration

  1. New York City
    Hi Uber people. I am new in Uber. I have a question which most of you might know. I will rent for a few weeks. I am making the math how long should I consider to rent before I use my own car which I just bought. I have to wait for the registration as a temporary registration is given by the...
  2. Chicago
    I sold my old car and transferred the plates to the new one. The system does not take the new registration card and insurance card because it has the same plates and I cannot cancel the old car either. Any one would know how to take out the old car from the system? It would save me a trip to Uber.
  3. Lyft
    By the time Lyft application was processed and ready to drive, actually same day, brother was in car accident with the car so didn't have a car to drive. Family bought new Durango Thurs and trying to add it as Lyft car. Lyft said we needed 19 pt inspection on our brand new car. Then Lyft said...