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  1. San Diego
    They just rolled out today for the iPhones version. It's in the App Store . The good thing is at least they are not forcing you to update .
  2. Long Island
    I'm definitely thinking about signing up with Uber and I just ordered my driver abstract to see what was on there, I had a few suspensions in the past that I paid off. I also have a "driving with a suspended license" conviction on there from 2 years ago. I know my background check will clear and...
  3. St. Louis
    i am having a terribly hard time trying to contact somebody thru Uber! I have been trying to get started and already have been stopped in my tracks. I uploaded my documents online and after being prompted to download the app i was told to upload them again! I only have a copy of my insurance...
  4. New York City
    I applied for my Tlc license as of june 27,2016, i had my dmv licence revoked on november 24,2014. I also have a open case for smoking weed in the past which i have a court date for august 7th ,but its nothing serious, considering i was not convicted of a DUI, but refused a chemical test my DMV...
1-4 of 4 Results