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  1. Advice
    Hey guys, just curious: what do you do if you experience any network/app issues in high cell phone usage areas (such as an airport waiting lot or a popular sports venue)? For me, I have Verizon and even in spots where there is full cell coverage I still have trip/network issues after...
  2. Delivery
    As title states.. anyone having a door dash sign in problem?? Mine keeps flashing "signing in"... But nothing is happening. Over WiFi. Over cellular. Nothing...
  3. Sydney
    Did anyone else using Optus experience a few job cancellations due to ‘error’ on Saturday evening, between 8:50pm and 9:40pm? I noticed my phone dropped to 3G and I didn’t receive any new jobs after a few errored out after accepting. I went offline at 9:40pm for an hour and it was fine after...
  4. State College, PA
    Did anyone else have issues with surge (5+) not registering after the concert last night at Tussey Mt? The app and network were clearly having issues with demand at the time. In the middle of the deep red area, I got two trips and both were no surge.
  5. Chicago
    I had a network error for almost every trip I drove today. I would complete the trip, swipe COMPLETE, get a network error, then sit there restarting my phone. Twice I had to wait while Android optimized all One hundred sixty-something apps. Any suggestions to solve the network error faster?
  6. Technology
    The incoming request tone sounds. Anticipation! Excitement! But, when I tap to accept, a notification message displays, "Network Error". %^*%%^#() application! %^*%%^#() Uber! But, there's still time, maybe, just maybe. Tap OK and try again, but same thing happens, "Network Error". I may keep...
  7. Chicago
    Anyone have network issues last night? I got one ping for a $3 ride in the West suburbs, 5 minutes later accepted another ping and it immediately said network error occurred and then I was online for 2 hours after that with nothing so I gave up and put on my pajamas instead. Just trying to...
  8. Washington DC
    Maybe its Sprint maybe its Uber but is anyone else having "Network Issues" on U street weekend nights?
  9. Advice
    I was trying to set up a ride but the app signed me out now every time I try to login it says network error eventhough I have full service. I tried a hard restart, deleting the app and reinstalling and just turning off the phone. Any solutions?
  10. Houston
    Can't figure out how to delete thread. Beer mind:/
  11. Advice
    Last night was my second night out and it was slow at first, but then they just started to pour in, but throughout the night I would get the "network error" message and it wouldn't let me start the trip while the PAX got in. Luckily they were super nice and understanding and ended up paying me...
1-11 of 11 Results