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  1. UberEATS
    update: after two hours I only earned 5€.
  2. UberEATS
    Hello Dutch couriers, I plan to move from Tilburg to Hilversum soon but since it’s a very small city I was wondering if it’s busy and if you get a lot of requests? I don’t want to move to a place where I’ll have no work. So if anybody’s aware please let me know :)
  3. UberEATS
    Hey! I'm still quite new to the game, working in Amsterdam. When I accept the order, and press picked up, the route it shows me is 5.9km long. Isn't the contract with Uber that they will pay me the distance they show me at the beginning of the delivery? Here, when 'picked up', they give me a...
  4. World
    Any drivers here from the Netherlands? Amsterdam or Rotterdam? Zijn er chauffeurs uit Nederland actief hier? Laat even horen.
1-4 of 4 Results