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  1. Pay
    Slow times...its quit or get another side income. What everyone doing to maintain income?
  2. Complaints
    2 hours later and still no trips. 8 other drivers every few miles and I’m in a suburb not even a city lol No money at all it’s already Wednesday and I’ve made only $130.55 Since Monday morning. Minus gas, tolls, and lunch. So basically lost money.
  3. Advice
    Hi Everyone, I'm in a situation now where I need to make money fast. I should be getting paid Thursday, but after that, need to make as much as possibile to pay a bill by Friday. I have just set up Instant Pay, and I'm wondering if anyone has advice on the best way to use Instant Pay to both...
  4. Advice
    Hello, I am new to using the instant pay feature: I have two questions and it's regarding a statement made by Uber in its help section under Instant Pay. Uber makes the following statement: "Earnings Boost incentives and high fares under review or fares under review for improper use are not...
  5. Atlanta
    So I'm seriously contemplating getting on the road right now because well, I'm broke but uber has been so sh$&y lately that I don't even know if it'll be worth my time and gas. I've never ubered in my area and I'm wondering if anyone have had any bit of success over here? Just looking for a...
  6. Houston
    wtf Been online almost an hour and am in montrose. Who's getting pings and where are you? I gots kids expecting a Christmas. At this rate, they'll just get evicted.
1-6 of 6 Results