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  1. Canberra
    From Uber's weekly newsletter of Wednesday 3 July 2019 ('On the Road in Canberra'): Making it easier to switch between navigation apps While Uber Navigation simplifies the trip experience by allowing you to stay within the app from trip request to drop-off, we know that there are some...
  2. Advice
    I am new to Uber and the other day i had some trips and I pressed navigation. i was already being directed and after awhile the direction arrows and metres left went away . And i got messed up. What does the navigation button do and why did the arrows go away? Thanks
  3. Seattle
    Gryft recently offered me $780 if I amassed 70 rides in a week @ 90% AR. I've read here (and on the chaotic Lyft forum) about how Gryft tries to keep drivers from achieving their last few qualifying rides, but my problem is at the other end of the week. More often than not, I can barely...
  4. Technology
    I’ve been using GoogleMaps for navigation but i dont like the way i can’t (easily) see rider-info when i get a stacked-ping request when using GMaps so i’ve been thinking about using the Uber Nav.. So the other day, while using Gmaps, I happened to switch to the Uber app and see the Uber nav...
  5. Sydney
    I'm wordering if anyone has had the same problem and how they fixed it. I've been driving Uber for just over 1 month. When I accept a rider the Uber navigation does not show me the pick-up address and only navigates to the pick-up point (hit and miss sometimes) After the rider is in the...
  6. Sydney
    If I am using the uber app navigation, can I change it to google or waze during the trip, or while going to pickup the passenger? and vice versa from google/waze to uber app? If so, then how to do it?
  7. Complaints
    I can no longer use Waze to navigate to a pickup or dropoff. Uber activated their new navigation software on my phone. Waze stopped being used to navigate - ever. :( I tried to change the default navigation software in-App (account>setting>navigation). I set it to Waze, but that changed nothing...
  8. Las Vegas
    What navigation app do you use with RS? I am a newbie that only works one day a week until I retire from my regular job in about 10 months. So far I have used the Uber nav as I think it must work best with the Uber app. At least 3 times in my 77 rides the Uber app has led me to the incorrect...
  9. Cleveland & Akron
    Anyone use the "new and improved" Uber Navigation? I usually use Google Maps or Waze but it'd be more convenient to just stay in the app I would think. Any feedback? Thanks!
  10. Sydney
    Hi Guys Like to ask other drivers on your advice on navigation apps. I have been using google maps and have found that in some situations it doesn't give the best rout to pins destination. Can someone help me on which is the best app to use. Regards, Rob
  11. San Francisco
    Hello! I am a user researcher who studies how people use mobile navigation apps. I'm based in oakland, but will be in SF next week and would love to interview some professional drivers who have used Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, HERE, Mapquest, or similar while driving professionally. I...
  12. Toronto (Ontario)
    Read this in Wikipedia: Late 2015, TomTom extended its deal with Apple and signed a new contract with international transportation network company Uber. The Uber driver app now uses TomTom maps and traffic data in 300 cities worldwide.[4] I only see two options in the app: Google Maps and...
  13. Technology
    I have an in dash navigation system, sync with myford touch. Anyone know of a way to make the cars navigation work instead of the app so that I am not using so much data on the nav apps? And obviously not putting in by hand.
  14. Nashville
    I'm kind of new and wondering which navigation app you prefer? I'm currently using Waze set to Quickest Route. Sometimes I feel like it takes me on crazy routes. What are your thoughts?
1-16 of 16 Results