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  1. Technology
    Does anybody know how Uber Driver gives the destination info to Waze? Like, does Uber Driver give it the address vs. the latitude & longitude vs. the name of the place?
  2. Technology
    I’ve been using GoogleMaps for navigation but i dont like the way i can’t (easily) see rider-info when i get a stacked-ping request when using GMaps so i’ve been thinking about using the Uber Nav.. So the other day, while using Gmaps, I happened to switch to the Uber app and see the Uber nav...
  3. Las Vegas
    What navigation app do you use with RS? I am a newbie that only works one day a week until I retire from my regular job in about 10 months. So far I have used the Uber nav as I think it must work best with the Uber app. At least 3 times in my 77 rides the Uber app has led me to the incorrect...
  4. Advice
    is anyone having problems with the new updated navigation? Some of my riders are saying that it's taking us way out of our way for certain trips which I do agree with. I emailed uber and still haven't heard anything back.. anyone else experiencing the same issues?
  5. New York City
    Hi guys, Please help, I'm in need to buy a new phone to use it for navigation and need your advice. Which phones do you recommend for it? Which ones do you use? Are they reliable and accurate while driving in Manhattan or they are having the same accuracy issues? Are the GPS devices much more...
  6. Las Vegas
    So.. vegas... I am slowly getting ready to get ready..lol that's my famous line copyright in progress lol.. any ways .. does any kind helpful experienced driver or jus someone who knows the city interested in helping me to figure this grid maze out... of course it could be in a parking lot...
  7. San Francisco
    Hello! I am a user researcher who studies how people use mobile navigation apps. I'm based in oakland, but will be in SF next week and would love to interview some professional drivers who have used Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, HERE, Mapquest, or similar while driving professionally. I...
  8. Philadelphia
    Ok folks. I live in NE Philly. I know that area pretty well, do pax actually expect you to be familiar with the whole of Philadelphia?!?! My 2 complaints are navigation and not taking the best route(in the pax opinion of course, could be my best route...) does anyone know Philadelphia like the...
1-8 of 8 Results