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  1. Buffalo & Rochester
    It seems like every 3rd to 4th trip the Uber navigation takes me to a wrong location. Either it takes me to a wrong house number or a location a half-mile through-the-woods away. This happens with both Google Maps and the native Uber navigation app. (My phone's navigation works correctly with...
  2. Complaints
    So I drove yesterday for the first time in about a month, and noticed that Uber had inexplicably changed their app. Like, completely. I know both it and Lyft have done upgrades before, but never this much. The interface is different, I'm not seeing ANY notice of potential bonuses for the day on...
  3. Boston
    I was reading a post about the lawsuit re:upfront fares and was surprised many people don't seem to be aware of the true UBER nav issue and fare discrepancies between the pax price and the driver earnings. Why is this a revelation to any driver with a decent number of trips? It is very...
  4. Advice
    I seem to be much worse at navigation after dark than during the day. Does anyone else have that problem?
  5. Boston
    I never had problems with riders reporting navigation issues but lately I been getting some . I all ready have 3 on my app and also 2 for professionalism . I wonder if I should starting to worry about this also I'm 4.88 . what do u guys think ? thank you .
  6. Denver
    I've had my google navigation cut out around I25 and I225 on a couple of occasions, now (once was this evening on the way to the Hyatt). It has always come back on a few miles later. Are there any tricks to get it back online? Anyone else have this problem? Is this a "dead zone"?
  7. Advice
    Using an iPhone 6. Sometimes the Partner app will not switch to WAZE, even though the setting has been enabled to do so. It will default to the horrible partner app and then bounce out of Nav to the Overview. I'm continually having to hit Navigate, unless I manually enter the address in WAZE...
1-7 of 7 Results