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  1. Long Island
    I see the there's no promotions for the 5 for $20 any longer in Suffolk county so I guess that means time to saturate Nassau n Queens? Eats really isn't worth doing out east UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.. Any jobs out there hiring? This Uber crap is not fair. I wish other companies were easy to sign...
  2. Long Island
    I just started driving in Long Island for Uber (have been driving in NYC for 16 months). Is there an insurance card that I can download in case I need to show Nassau or Suffolk police. I have my own personal insurance but need to show the Uber Insurance. Could not find this anywhere. Thanks
  3. Long Island
    UPDATED rates here. _______ How is driving for Lyft in Long Island compared to Uber? Is Lyft your primary, supplemental, or worthless? Rates in both Nassau County and Suffolk County are both identical to NYC, but Southampton has significantly higher rates. If close to Southampton, is it...
  4. New York City
    Does it help to register with NYC TLC and Nassau County TLC? Does it keep you from getting tickets from NCTLC?
  5. New York City
    The Nassau County TLC are hanging out at the Mineola LIRR Station this morning. They got a black Impala and one agent is at least 7ft tall and the other's probably 6'2". Both white. Stay safe
  6. New York City
    Hey guys, I have to go to a settlement date in Nassau County for an illegal pick up. I keep hearing that Uber will help pay for this. Anyone know the procedure on what/how I need to talk to Uber to get them to pay for this? Thanks!
  7. Long Island
    Hi! I am a newbie and have been ubering in New York for 4 weeks now. I live on Long Island and usually end up ubering in the city. However, since I am a Long Islander , I would actually prefer to do uber on Long Island. I have started accepting pings on Long Island but I am worried. I have...
  8. Insurance
    Renting TLC car, got stopped in Nassau county Long Island for speeding, got hit with 4 tickets but the major one was CAR WAS NOT INSURED the car that I rent had insurance lapse in middle of December I got stopped in January the ticket is under my license while the car is a rental and the TLC...
  9. Long Island
    Hello, I am interested in working as a part time driver for uber (or any other ride share company really). I live on Long Island (Eastern Nassau) and am trying to figure out if it is worth doing. From what I've read, I would have to get licenses for NYC even though I don't plan on driving...
1-9 of 9 Results