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  1. Nashville
    If anyone sees my 2012 Chrysler 300 please let me know.... stolen from Ewingdale drive...same car as in photo but the driver side has a dent as shown in the other picture.
  2. Nashville
    Cool to find this page for sure! I am a registered nurse and have taken a break from my career this year. I have a few friends that driver for Uber. I started this weekend (Nashville native) and I have nothing but good stories! Ladies, I have had zero issues from anyone! I made nearly $400...
  3. Chicago
    Where can I get these head rests?? - - >
  4. News
    In the news today.. on East Nashville News (i can't post a link yet) but it's eastnashville(dot)news currently on main page On Wednesday, there was an immigration vigil in Nashville, and notably there were many more people using Lyft than Uber to get to the event, mainly due to each companies...
  5. Nashville
    I want all Nashville Uber drivers to band together and protest the low fares! Without us there is no Uber. I would love to arrange a day where we protest outside of the corporate office in Germantown. We need our voices heard and things to change. Every city does things differently in terms of...
1-5 of 5 Results