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  1. Miami
    Hello everyone, I need your advice to make a decision where to drive this upcoming season! First I have never been visiting Florida and I don’t know about the traffic and hotspots, whatever I just decided to joy next 3 or 4 months living and driving full time for Uber&Lyft in Florida. Now I...
  2. Fort Myers & Naples
    Why should Uber/Lyft drivers care about this! Because when passengers get off the train they will need you to get around! To help make this happen join our Facebook group: Florida for High Speed Rail
  3. Fort Myers & Naples
    Need Uber to work for tomorrow morning 5/10/16, at 7:00am. From San Carlos Park to downtown Naples.
  4. Fort Myers & Naples
    COLLIER COUNTY COMMISSIONERS IN THEIR 10/27/15 MEETING VOTED TO DEREGULATE VEHICLE FOR HIRE INDUSTRY NAPLES DAILY NEWS Greg Stanley 10/27/15 - 3:01 pm LATE BREAKING TWITTER NOTES: Henning moves to deregulate vehicle for hire industry, taxi companies along with Uber. Industry is deregulated...
1-4 of 4 Results