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  1. Build a community in...
    I have been driving here in Tuscaloosa Alabama since march 2017 in the UA area, I feel that work is steady here but not during the students summer break which is about 3 months long last year at the Int airport there seemed to be about 29 avg in que this year 2018 there is like 50 wow uber...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
  3. Technology
    Good afternoon, What if I told you there was an app that can make rideshare driving safer? Mystro is that app! We have created an app that will automate the entire rideshare experience with Uber, Lyft, and UberEats all at the same time. From accepting a trip, to closing the unused app, to...
  4. Introductions
    Good day to you all...I am in Springfield, IL (though the city listed on this forum is apparently Springfield, MO) and I am looking forward to reading and learning and conversing as much as possible. This is a much welcome addition to my new driving experience - I've been at it for just over 2...
  5. Burlington
    For those that use the Mystro app for Lyft and Uber: Mystro automatically accepts a ride coming in while I am currently on a ride. Normally this is fine. But at the end of my day (5 - 7:00) i can never just stop and go home as they are continually happening. I would cancel the second ride after...
  6. Chicago
    Anyone have this... Supposedly makes it easy to toggle between Lyft and Uber.. Thoughts and feedback please?
  7. Technology
    Wow, I can't believe Mystro's new pricing structure: $10/month of $50/year. For an APP!!! I can't believe they're going with an over-priced subscription model, it's an app, not a service. I'd probably pay $5 or $10 for it but this is ridiculous. I hope enough people boycott that they change...
  8. Technology
    I heard that Mystro can change between using Google Maps and Waze? Does anyone know how to do this, or is this a "planned feature?"
  9. Seattle
    Via Hacker News, I came across this blog post: http://thedeliveryblog.com/mystro-the-rideshare-assistant/ I was able to download it at google play by searching for mystro. It needs a referral code which is available at the original blog post. There is apparently an ios version as well. I...
  10. Boston
    Has anyone tried this app? Apparently one needs a referral code to try it. Anyone have a referral code? I'm curious! TIA
1-10 of 10 Results