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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Surprised this subject hasn't been thread-ed yet (although I thought I made one once). I'm huge on music - all types - and love the stories, history and discussion of it. Reminiscing, sharing, discovering, enjoying and discussing - let's do it - play nice and enjoy the chewns! 🎶
  2. Stories
    I have to listen to one of Andre Antunes's videos every day now or my day isn't quite complete. Bet you can't listen just once! A new classic.
  3. Chatter
    Not favorites of all time, just right now. I don't know if this topic can survive moderation, but you know, it's art.
  4. Seattle
    How about wearing a Santa hat, candy canes or any of that? Do you have xmas lights inside your car? Do your pax like it if you do?
  5. Advice
    Lyft driver here sometimes Uber. So the other day I was the pax for a change. Took a Uber, brought my own AUX cord, and mid way through the ride I asked the driver to play a Nicki Minaj song. The guy had been playing warm contemporary at the time, which was putting me to sleep. The guy tells me...
  6. Advice
    Hi, I'm not an Uber driver so I hope it's ok for me to post here. The reason I'm asking here is because my googling made a page on this forum come up before I realized it was from the point of view of Uber drivers, but I then thought it'd be the best place to ask. My question is about how Uber...
  7. Complaints
    I am a frequent UberX pax. When I get into an UberX and I am stressed about work, I do not want to tell the driver to turn the music down. I do not want to seem bossy. Sometimes the driver seems easy to ask. Sometimes they seem like stone idols who do not want to be bothered. What really...
  8. Stories
    I have Slacker in my car and play Café Acoustic most of the time, but will surf around and usually land on Classic Soft Hits, Soft Hits, Amos Lee, Smooth Jazz, Lady Gaga radio or favorites radio (compilations of things I've favorited). I also occasionally play a couple personal Playlists that...
  9. Advice
    I have not yet started driving as I've only just purchased my car and trying to figure it all out. I'm slightly technically challenged although I fully understand the drivers app AND I also fully understand my Android Auto. I'm quite dissapointed to find that the uber app does not work via AA...
  10. Chicago
    Yesterday morning on my way to a pickup, I get a call: Heads up, you'll be picking up my mother and my son. Not a long trip, two stops. Okay, first stop was the son's school. Second was some residence. At the school we had more than a 5 minute delay but I didn't mind, I was kind of looking out...
  11. Seattle
    Lissetti The Bad Ant chapter I When you guys have some time, here's a read for you. (Written in 3 subsequent posts due to website character limits per post.) My Sunday night ant story...Enjoy. Sunday afternoon in Seattle turned out to be nicer than expected. The sun had come out and warmed...
  12. Advice
    I never know if I should offer to play music. ..The times that I do I always ask if they have a preference ,rockrock ,metal ,etc. .Response is always"o whatever you're into"..ya sure about that? ..how do ya feel about Slipknot ?
  13. London
    Steereo app pays you to play music - there's an article online on the Forbes website. "Drivers are financially encouraged to bring Steereo into their cabs and get riders on board. They are paid per second, and make on average $120-$300 a month." Who's keen?
  14. Stories
    Hi everyone, I just started driving for Uber and Lyft in LA and have quickly listened to all of my Spotify playlists to death! Does anyone have any suggestions for new music, artists, playlists (preferably some that get updated and changed often)? I like any and all music! :) Thanks guys!
  15. News
    Article by Metro, author Georgia Diebelius Don't you just hate it when you get into an Uber and the driver's musical tastes are the complete opposite of yours? Yes, we do too. But if you're jumping into an Uber with driver TJ Jones, this is not a problem you will face. Why, you ask? Because...
  16. Stories
    Anyone else tired of listening to music? No matter what kind. I am!
  17. New York City
    The album was purchased & will be my riding soundtrack today. **** the pax. It'll be a reminder to get my [email protected] out of this biz within the few months of the new year. Any other of you all have tunes that you jam while driving?
  18. Complaints
    This is why I'm so hesitant to drive those bar/intoxicated pax. Short rides, no tip, and they still have the nerve to complain about music on the radio... ...only last night I was listening to the football game. Note that out of 16 rides I gave last night ZERO asked to change the station...
1-19 of 52 Results