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  1. Advice
    What did you vote for?
  2. Stories
    I was in Philly and noticed a small surge down by Columbus Blvd. There was a +2.75 and also a 1.9X multiplier. I tried getting a picture, but the multiplier disappeared. Has anyone ever seen the two together like that? I got a ping for an X ride at a hotel. Guy was going all the way up to...
  3. Pittsburgh
    Source: Uber Pittsburgh Email New Surge technology is coming to Pittsburgh! This latest improvement brings enhanced granularity and more targeted dynamic pricing. It's part of our ongoing effort to bring you the latest technology so that you can make smart decisions about where and when to...
  4. Complaints
    Sometimes I get a request with no multiplier, or maybe 1.2x, during a major surge (2.0x or more). I always check to make sure the pickup location is inside the surging zone. In many cases, the surge has been in effect for several minutes, so they're not old requests that were rejected by other...
1-4 of 4 Results