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  1. New Jersey
    I’ve noticed that the people who add stops within the app barely tip. Before, when passengers had to ask, they almost got shamed into tipping. Passengers more than ever feel entitled to change destinations, add stops, etc., without even asking the driver anything other than, “did you see that...
  2. New Jersey
    I picked up a pax at target......I pop the trunk for him to load up his bags into the trunk.......I then hit start trip hes going literally 1 mile up the road to get catered subs for a church........After getting the subs we had to drop them off at the church..... so thats 2 stops and my car...
  3. Sydney
    Pax said she doesn't know how to do multiple stops and said she will change the address when we got to the first stop. I thought Uber will take that into account and use the distance and time formula to calculate the fare. When we got to the first stop we had to wait 4 minutes. In the end for a...
  4. San Francisco
    sick to death with people putting their multiple stops in app and turning already cheap pro rated by mile car service into a god dang muni. 1 star and a rude complaint for all
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Thank God multiple stops just got easier. Thank you uber.
  6. Chicago
    Is it gonna b pool thing????how will it count toward quest?will they announce with ping?and will they pay as pool???anybody
  7. Brisbane
    This just in; Brisbane Partners will see implementation of Multiple Stops where drivers will be notified when a rider adds extra stops to their trip. Hopefully this clears up the fare adjustments from sly multi stop riders trying to scam drivers
  8. Canberra
    Making multiple stops on a trip Riders are able to add up to 2 extra stops on a trip. They can do this within the app. These additional stops are marked by a black, square icon on your trip map and the final stop is marked by a red square. When you arrive at one of the mid-trip destinations...
  9. Baltimore
    very convenient but I feel like this may run us drivers into some issues with pax wanting us to stay and wait while they grocery shop etc. what do you guys think? Has anyone gotten a pax who requested multiple stops yet? I'm sorry but uber doesn't pay enough to have us sit and wait on folks.
  10. Washington DC
    So, last weekend, I picked up a Lyft ride, and the screen said something to the effect of "Stop 1" and as we departed the passengers started talking amongst themselves. The first "stop" was .7 miles to a 7-11. As they started egressing from the vehicle, I said, "Thank you, have nice evening."...
  11. Lyft
    Hello, I am new to lyft and one night my rider ask if we can stop at 7/11 and i told him that he can add a stop on the app, but the rider refused to do it and said it will just be quick, the rider was huge and i dont wanna make him upset and lead to something bad. So what can i do to get the...
  12. Chicago
    So this happened to me a few nights ago and I thought I'd share what happened because if I knew then what I know now, I would have handled it differently. Pax and friend get in in Old Town with 2.0X surge, UberX, destination around Belmont and Pulaski. A few blocks from destination, a trip...
  13. New Orleans
    Hey everyone, Apologies if this has already been asked before. I had a good driving experience this afternoon that was soured after I received my payout. I picked up a couple of passengers on Magazine Street near Jackson. Their first stop was in the Bywater, about a 17 minute ride at around...
  14. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi, After so many many rides i realized now that many riders take extra advantage during a ride and they stop during the trip for one reason or other. Some riders during ride stop at convenience store to get something some for coffee etc. I have had many incident that a rider stops at multiple...
1-15 of 15 Results