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  1. Brisbane
    This just in; Brisbane Partners will see implementation of Multiple Stops where drivers will be notified when a rider adds extra stops to their trip. Hopefully this clears up the fare adjustments from sly multi stop riders trying to scam drivers
  2. Lyft
    Hello, I am new to lyft and one night my rider ask if we can stop at 7/11 and i told him that he can add a stop on the app, but the rider refused to do it and said it will just be quick, the rider was huge and i dont wanna make him upset and lead to something bad. So what can i do to get the...
  3. Advice
    So many in another thread said "Don't worry about it, just take them to multiple locations without a change in app!" The pax wanted me to take his girlfriend to work after I dropped him off at the bottom location. So this came in after hours of processing Unfortunately for them and for Uber...
1-3 of 3 Results