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  1. Atlanta
    Where the hell are these idiot PAX standing? Do they not use sidewalks anymore? I feel like every PAX is coming home from a tough mudder event... ...and then you have to wonder, how many idiot pax are going to leave 'cleanliness' complaints after the PAX before them f-d up the car.
  2. Chicago
    Anybody else notice all the dirty cars today? Glad I didn't get mine washed. That rain was actually mud because of all the dust from plowing the fields. Car washes probably made a fortune today.
  3. Washington DC
    I talk to my friend in Houston who's been driving Uber for awhile for a lot of advice on Uberthings and he was talking about how a drunk girl got just a LITTLE bit of puke in his car and he took the photo and sent it to Uber and he got $150 right away. I was telling him about a kid I picked up...
1-3 of 3 Results